DJ Taz brings a yogi’s heart, body and soul to the flow of a yoga experience, the dance floor or the alchemy of life with his full-spectrum mixes from chill to rocking.

-Shiva Rea, Global Yoga Teacher










DJ Taz rocks it out with his soulful and high vibe grooves that move your body, lift your Spirit and sing to your heart. I collaborate with DJ Taz at Yoga & Music festivals around the world. His smile, soul and skill all shine through as a source of inspiration for everyone. DJ Taz is a Lighthouse of LOVE!

-Sianna Sherman, International Yoga Teacher, Founder of Mythic Yoga Flow & Cofounder of Urban Priestess

DJ Taz is the reason that my workshops and classes have elevated to the next level. And also, he's the catalyst for why I have so many students after every class come and ask me how they can get my playlist where I'm playing a DJ Taz mix. He's simply a master sonic alchemist --and I'm honored to partner with him whenever we can.

-Sadie Nardini, Yogini and Musician


What a tremendous spirit! DJ Taz has an intuitive connection to grace of prayer through movement. The rhythms and beats he adds help propel the practice deeper within and without, as we meet each other in the devotion of the breath and movement.

-Janet Stone, Global Yoga Teacher


When DJ Taz and I work together, there's a wonderful and easy synchronicity that adds to the experience of the yoga class. I am inspired by his music choices and he easily "reads" my transitions throughout the class.

-Lourdes Paredes, Yoga Teacher and Founder of ILLUMINE Magazine


It's been amazing to work with DJ Taz. As our headlining act at our annual Sukhava Bodhe Yoga & Music Festival, DJ Taz has proven his ability to inspire the audience, bring diversity together in sacred community, and inspire a deep feeling of love and joy. We are looking forward to many more opportunities with DJ Taz to come.

-Daren Friesen, Director, Moksha Yoga Center & Stonehouse Farm Eco-Retreat & Sanctuary


Taz's music and presence has brought a tremendous feeling of light and love to my yoga classes. He gets my highest recommendations!

-Govind Das, Bhakti Yoga Shala, Yoga Teacher, Musician


DJ Taz is one of the most fun-loving, professional and talented DJ's I have ever worked with for yoga class accompaniment. He is a joy to work with and his tracks will rock your practice!

-Amy Ippoliti, International Yoga Teacher


Working with DJ Taz is my dream collaboration. Easy, relaxed, fun, transformative. His beats will certainly take you somewhere, and the journey is always a remarkable one.......

-Nikki Vilella, Teacher and Co-Director Kula Yoga NY


I am a YIN Yoga teacher and even though Taz and I had never worked together before I was so delighted that with just a few words conversation about what I hoped for with his music, Taz's offering to that Wanderlust Stratton 2015 group was nothing short of perfection! Hands together Taz...thanks so much!

-Lisa Dousson, Be. See. Know.


DJ Taz is, quite simply, excellent. he is an outstanding human being with a kind heart and helpful soul. he's an amazing DJ who can read a crowd and create a magical music experience for them. he's also a spiritual person who is in tune with what's going on. more DJ Taz, please.

-Mia Park, Yoga with Mia Park


Having worked with Taz Rashid at Wanderlusts both West and East, I see just what a rare and magnificent gem he is. Gifted is one thing to be, but generous is quite another., and Taz leaves one hoping for one more heavenly encounter of the human heart.

-Kate Potter, Kate Potter Yoga


DJ Taz is remarkable: he is present, positive, open-hearted and engaged, but what sets him apart as the best DJ I have ever worked with, is his uncanny ability to immediately tune in to the heart vibe of the audience. On the spot, he chooses and plays the exact music that will raise their vibrational level and bring the crowd together. He is a consummate professional, a brilliant musician in his own right, but a stellar DJ. Any event will absolutely blossom with DJ Taz and his artful touch.

-Dirje Childs, Musician


I loved working with DJ Taz! He brings such an amazing, fun, and truly authentic vibe to the class! He is a wonderfully kind, light hearted and intelligent person to work with. The students in our class loved it and noticed how well the music worked with the flow of the class. Thank you, Taz!

-Melanie Landgraf, Owner, Tosa Yoga


DJ Taz is absolutely incredible. He is a true resource for the yoga community that knows exactly how to enhance a class with his musical genius.

-Justin Michael Williams, Business of Yoga, Musician


DJ Taz is an amazing and divine incarnation of the energy of Lord Krishna holding his magic flute and bringing divinity to Earth with his music. He has been blessed with an ear that allows him to receive inspiration from the celestial harps played by messengers of our perfect and purified source. He has been able to inspire the voice of the divine to move through me in ways that has facilitated amazing healing experiences for anyone who listens. Therefore I recommend this teacher, musician, poet and magician to any project that requires a pathway to deeper meaning and purpose.
-Charles Robinson, Kai Chi Do Inc. Founder and Teacher


DJ Taz is that special combination of a skilled artist and savvy businessman. He is accommodating, open-minded, generous and a pure joy to collaborate with.

-Gina Caputo, Yogini On The Loose


DJ Taz not only has an amazing spirit but he is also a fantastic artist with an insane vibe. I bring him onto as many events as I can - he never fails to deliver lots of love, light and great music.

-Vanessa Palmer, OM FOR THE MOM


I've had the honor to work with Taz and it is truly a blessing to share space together. He has a great heart and his tunes beat from this space.

-Pablo Lucero, Om Movement


The music that DJ Taz thoughtfully weaves together, creates a heightened ,enlightened experience both for the yoga teacher and yoga student! His talent and presence in the room accentuates the vibe in any space!

-Amy Multack, Yoga Teacher

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