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YJ: What made you want to DJ 
specifically for yoga?

DJTR: My mission in life is to awaken people with music and help them live more authentic 
lives. I really love the yoga world because 
I have chosen a career with a focus on peace. So, I say that I’m a peace activist by profession. I get to partner with these amazing teachers around the world and learn their wisdom, and I get to share my wisdom through music. My intention is for students to walk out of class feeling more awakened to their personal joy and freedom in the world, believing more deeply in themselves and their personal dreams and desires, and also falling more deeply in love with music itself. READ FULL ARTICLE

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Mar/April 2016

Jan/Feb 2016

Mar/April 2015


Your first experience with yoga?


My first experience with yoga was back in middle school when I borrowed a Fundamentals of Yoga book from the public library and did the asanas (postures) by myself in my parent’s basement. During those childhood days of practicing yoga in secrecy I felt myself transported into an enchanting connection with life.


Nearly two decades later I can say my practice has taught me how to be present and watch all the shadow habits and destructive mind patterns arise on and off the mat.  While practicing regularly I feel a stream of expanded creativity and high synchronicity flowing through my life with ease and grace. I walk away from my yoga matt transformed and rejuvenated. The best part of replenishing my inner world is that I get to bring this clear, illuminated consciousness out into all of my relationships.

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