Are you a yoga, meditation or fitness facilitator?

Do you spend a great deal of time putting together your music playlist?

What if you could cut that time in half and have an easy system to use every time?

"My name is DJ Taz Rashid and for the past few years I’ve been actively working with hundreds of yoga teachers producing music and playlists for yoga, meditation, movement and DJing in Yoga and Mindful festivals all over the world from Wanderlust, Yoga Journal, countless other gatherings and studios. I can bring you the exact music playlists that some of the worlds best teachers use with their students and teach you how to make your own perfect playlist."



- Getting dozens of perfectly organized playlists for your classes without spending hours searching for them.


- Mixing and matching just the right blend for your next class without a single song feeling out of place.


- Digging into a vast curated library of suitable songs that you can use for your classes whether you teach power vinyasa or yoga nidra without buying or downloading illegally.


- Finding music like a pro; capturing any song that you like with ease and adding it to your mixes.  Never let a song slip through your fingers again!


- Hearing your students (and other teachers) tell you how much your music enhanced their class and wonder how you always pick the right songs.


- Using professional music for your Youtube videos, online classes or workshops without worrying about copyright issues or royalty fees.


It doesn't matter if you only want soft ambient background for your restorative class or high energy beats for your hot vinyasa class.. or both!

I can help you make the perfect playlist for your style and your students.

Full Online Training, 4 Modules - Over 30 videos

Education and experiential processes with music included

Best online Resources, recommendations and tech help

What's include in the program...

In this online course I will share my best practices to make an amazing playlist.

All the free tools which are already out there for you to use, ways for you to always tap into new inspiration for your classes and how you can grow your student following and class size in the process.

If you love music and want to create a more powerful experience for your students this is the perfect solution for you.

-Access to entire DJ Taz Rashid music library

-Full License to use all original music in classes, public setting and any social media ($165 Value)

-Over 40 Playlists for Spotify, Itunes and more ($55 Value)

1 Payment of $79 

(Save $218 from regular price)

What others are saying...

"I am beyond grateful for DJ Taz Rashid and his amazing course. It was at the same time technical and full of feeling. He showed us different resources and ways to find inspiration. I never thought I could combine my music style into my yoga style and make it flow so beautifully. I feel confident compiling my own playlists for practice and he is so selfless and giving with his own work for instructors and those looking to rock the bhav."

Candie Crespo, Yoga Teacher

"DJ Taz is an irreplaceable addition to my yoga sessions on an international level. I wish I would've taken his Playlist course years ago--it would've given me more success, student satisfaction and financial freedom, way sooner!"

Sadie Nardini, Global Yoga Teacher

"The My Best Playlist course was fantastic. It was an great yoga, musical experience in an of itself, but Taz was also extraordinarily helpful with his practical knowledge of curating music to enhance and empower the physical and spiritual dimensions of yoga. Taz is incredibly generous with his time, energy, expertise, and music. The workshop is time well spent for anyone looking to expand what curated music can do for their yoga teaching and practice. A+!!"

Stephen Tann, Yoga Instructor

Here's it how it breaks down...

- 3 yoga mixes with different music intensities to practice with ​and get a feel of the music & beats in a vinyasa flow.

- Emphasis on breath and beat connection so every can sync up smoothly 

- The 8 Limbs of Yoga Music Sections

- 8 Section Deeper Breakdown Opening, Build, Peak, Land and Shavasana sections

- We will Identify recommended tempo in each section

- Learn how to drag and drop songs from each category to make your perfect playlist.

- Example music to download/listen/use and Spotify Playlists created so you can just click, play and add to your playlists

- Where to find the right music for your classes

- 3 Platforms to easily find great music for any of your classes.

- 1 app to find the tempo to any song and instantly categorize in your playlist. 

- Learn to use your authentic voice in music selection.

- Best tips and trick for Spotify, iTunes and different tools and platforms to make your life a lot easier. 

- Tech page to help with any issues with technology and platforms. 

- Over 40 Playlists on Spotify, iTunes and other platforms

- Deeper look into Music Licensing

- 5 Apps to create easy with music and so you never miss a creative moment

1 Payment of $79 

(Save $218 from regular price)

If you aren't happy with the program, see no benefits from the course and you can show me that you went through the entire program and tried the techniques, I will refund your money with no questions asked.

If you have any questions or concerns

about the course please contact us. 

"I can bring you the exact music playlists that some of the worlds best teachers use with their students and teach you how to make your own perfect playlist.." - DJ Taz Rashid

A Deeper Look...

-Access to entire DJ Taz Rashid music library. High Quality MP3s

-Full License to use all original music in classes, public setting and any social media ($165 Value)

10 Original Music Albums designed for yoga, meditation and dance

8 Remix Projects created for yoga, meditation & dance

-Over 40 Playlists for Spotify, Itunes and more ($55 Value)

Details on Lifetime Access

Any updates or new modules added on the programs you will always have access

Any New Playlists added you will immediately have access

Lifetime access to all albums and music projects current & future by DJ Taz Rashid

1 Payment of $79 

(Save $218 from regular price)

Why the Guarantee...

I have 100% confidence this program can create greater ease and more creativity in your music playlists.

Take 60 days to put the program in practice, show me you tried to implement the techniques and if you are not happy with your results I am happy to give you your money back.

I want you to be happy and successful with your business, the last thing is for you to worry about investing in a program that won't guarantee more productivity. 

What teachers are saying about DJ Taz Rashid...

DJ Taz brings a yogi’s heart, body and soul to the flow of a yoga experience, the dance floor or the alchemy of life with his full-spectrum mixes from chill to rocking."

Shiva Rea, Global Yoga Teacher

DJ Taz is the reason that my workshops and classes have elevated to the next level. And also, he's the catalyst for why I have so many students after every class come and ask me how they can get my playlist where I'm playing a DJ Taz mix. He's simply a master sonic alchemist --and I'm honored to partner with him whenever we can.

-Sadie Nardini, Yogini and Musician

I rarely have music in my classes, but Taz is the exception---he's intuitive, playful, and brings the perfect slice of attitude and flavor.

-Kathryn Budig, Yoga Teacher & author of Aim True

DJ Taz rocks it out with his soulful and high vibe grooves that move your body, lift your Spirit and sing to your heart. I collaborate with DJ Taz at Yoga & Music festivals around the world. His smile, soul and skill all shine through as a source of inspiration for everyone. DJ Taz is a Lighthouse of LOVE!

-Sianna Sherman, International Yoga Teacher, Founder of Mythic Yoga Flow & Cofounder of Urban Priestess


1 Payment of $79 

(Save $218 from regular price)

If you have any questions or concerns

about the course please contact us. 

"I can't wait to take you step by step and help you with your playlists and music journey."

- DJ Taz Rashid