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Welcome to the Gold Flow Challenge! In a few minutes you will also get an email with all the info. Be sure to check your spam folder for the Challenge email, and save it to refer back to for links.


Thousands of yogis all over the world use my song “Gold Flow” in their yoga classes daily. As a matter of fact, this track reached over 1.2 million streams this month. I reached out to a few of my music friends and 12 artist/producers remixed this track and created some truly unique and vibey beats.

So here is the info for the challenge:

-Download the album Free HERE (This is a dropbox link. You can download this to your desktop or laptop and put in video)
-Make a video of you doing yoga, meditation, dance or any daily activity.
-Select a specific song you like from the group of songs and add to background of your video.
-Upload onto Instagram, youtube, Facebook
-Please TAG
the Remixer’s IG handle based on the remix you selected(Listed below),
-Also please upload the link of your video so we can upload the link to our website and share it with all our audiences. Upload HERE


Remixers' Handles (only need to add the remixer which you selected song)

@Zenthatbeat @equanimouslove @mrmalonemusic @songsofeden @solrising @jesseblakemusic  @scottnice @momentologymusic @ali_embry @orielpoole @srikalagramI @antarmamusic

What are the prizes for the challenge?

- Grand Prize - Custom Yoga Playlist just for you based on your style/preference created by DJ Taz Rashid (2 winners)
- Other Prizes - DJ Taz Rashid & The Yogi Show signed Merch (5 winners)
- Custom USB Flash Drive with unreleased music and 100s of Playlists from DJ Taz Rashid (5 Winners)
- Have the chance to be featured on @DJTazRashid, @TheYogiShowPodcast, @Yogimemes, @Namaste_AF

Time of challenge - Nov 12 - Nov 22

If you have any questions please email

I want to thank my challenge partner The Yogi Show Podcast You can listen to a special podcast HERE where we talk about how to create a killer playlist and more info/inspiration behind this challenge.

Thank you, 

DJ Taz Rashid


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