DJ Taz Rashid Essential Collection

PLEASE READ: DJ Taz has been offering a USB Drive at his events and festivals for his My Best Playlist- Yoga Music Workshop and now you can access it here. You will receive 9 of the albums DJ Taz has worked on since 2014. Enjoy all the beats and music for your yoga classes, personal meditation practice, guided meditations, massage/bodywork and easy listening. 

BONUS: You will also receive up to 20 playlists of music form yoga music sets DJ Taz put together specially for festivals, YogiTunes and all kinds of live events. This includes names and download links of rare remixes and exclusive and hard to find tracks which create that unique DJ Taz sound in his live performances. Now you can discover them and add them into your own playlists. In addition to all this DJ Taz is also including a bunch of remixes he created himself as a bonus gift. Once you purchase the package you will sent the access code to get instant access to all the music and playlists

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