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Welcome to the Elements For Stress Relief Meditation Challenge! 21 days of not giving AF. The truth is we do give AF, just not about the little things. We want to make sure YOU are giving AF about the right things in your life too, that is why we created this challenge. To break free of old habits, stress patterns, and LET GO.

What is it? We challenge you to meditate with us for 21 days starting March 16 - April 6 with guided meditations and special music designed to take you into deeper meditative states. 

You will receive an email each day from us with your guided meditations ranging from 5 minute meditations all the way to 20 minute meditations. Guided meditations will be lead by DJ Taz Rashid, Bryan Holub, Pedro Luna, and other leading meditation leaders in our community.  

What is the challenge? Meditate everyday with the experiences we send you! .We would love to have you share how you feel afterwards with a video or pic of you on your social media and tag @djtazrashid & @theyogishowpodcast. 


The # for this challenge is #elementsforstressrelief PLEASE USE IT so we can see your posts!This challenge is hosted by @theyogishowpodcast and @djtazrashid and we still be re-posting many of your sharings on our social media pages. 


Here is a FREE DOWNLOAD from DJ Taz Rashid's meditation album Elements . Be sure to use headphones because this is special meditation music using binaural beats (more info on that later) For now enjoy the meditation. You can listen to the full album HERE as well if you are into streaming on Spotify etc. 

Shoutout to our sponsor Ajna Wellbeing who have the most comfortable meditation cushions! We will be using them to meditate along with you through the challenge. Grab yours here and use promo code AJNAYOGA15 to save 15% off! Their cushion allows you to enjoy all the benefits of meditation, with less effort than ever before! Grab yours NOW! 

We will be sending you emails from as we get closer to March 16th. Please share this challenge with anyone who enjoys meditations and music. 

Thank you!

DJ Taz Rashid
 & The Yogi Show 


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